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This blog is all about large labia, and mostly to do with large labia minora. This is a body-positive blog that aims to show that large labia are normal and beautiful. It provides support for those who feel insecure, self-conscious, victimised or vilified about their large labia. This blog is inclusive, and all people with labia are welcome, regardless of race, age, sexual preference or gender. Submissions are encouraged, but photos showing nudity are only allowed from people 18+ please.

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Beautiful Labia

By Vanessa Scott, April 6, 2012

There may be nothing more sacred on this Earth than the female vulva. It has the power to rule Kings and grown men will frequently do almost anything for a mere glimpse at one.

No different than the male penis, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are bigger and some are smaller. Some are symmetrical while others are not. Some have darker pigmentation others lighter pigmentation.

So do men have a preference? Ask any man, and you are likely to get the same answer, “No”. Most real men will simply appreciate their woman the way she is. Larger labia, no problem, he can love that. Smaller labia, that’s perfect as well.

But there can be no doubt that this simple fact has been lost on a growing number of the women around the world. The International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported a 43% increase worldwide in Labia Reduction surgeries, with more than 67,000 performed in 2010.

And this doesn’t take into account the number done by vaginal surgery specialists and gynecologists. The real number is certainly much higher and increasing every year.

So the question becomes, why? Why are women choosing with their own free will to undergo a reduction surgery for their labia?

Roughly four years ago, I worked for one of the premier cosmetic vaginal surgeons in the world. An eye opening experience that I am grateful for. Today, tens of thousands of women visit the site each month. Some are just trying to understand their bodies while others have already had surgery.

I was compelled to start the site, because there was nobody online helping these women. I spoke to dozens every day in my office that often had never spoken to anyone about their questions. Which inspired the site initially.

My first step when working with a woman is always to find out why she thinks she wants the surgery. In my experience somewhere around 50% of them claim to experience pain and discomfort on a regular basis to the point that it impedes their daily lives and sexual activities. Assuming this is actually true, for these women, surgery can often be a blessing that enables them to experience a more full life.

The women that concern me though are the ones that tell me they “just want to be normal” or that they’re afraid no male will want to be with them. This is a smaller subset of the women I interact with, and age wise, they tend to skew toward the younger side.

My response is always “There is no normal”. We are all different, unique!

And this is where current sex education is failing these women. We are all normal and beautiful just the way we are. If true education were happening on a wide scale, they would know that they are normal. A society that appreciated diversity rather than conformity, would celebrate these differences and women would be comfortable in their own skin.

As great as that Utopia sounds, it would not be the end of cosmetic vaginal surgery. That cat is out of the bag. Just like rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation and Botox before it, it isn’t going back inside.

And this is where I really come down on the subject. Only you can decide what is best for you. If you are considering labiaplasty because you want to please somebody else or societies ideals, I would challenge you to think long and hard before proceeding.

You will never find happiness through somebody else’s eyes.

The goal should always be to please yourself first. And no matter how large your labia, you can rest assured you will have no trouble finding a man that loves you just the way you are.

In the end, if you’ve weighed all the pros and cons and taken full stock of your reasons for wanting to have surgery, it is your right to do what you believe will make you happiest. Nobody can make that decision but YOU.

Before you decide to go through with a labia reduction procedure make sure you spend a lot of time researching different vulvas on the Internet. Get a real feel for the diversity of the female body and how it is beautiful in all its different forms. You may just find that rather than surgery, you have a whole new reason to love yourself.

Vanessa Scott educates women considering labiaplasty and other female genital cosmetic surgery procedures so they can make the choices that are best for themselves.

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