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Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it: Confucius

This blog is all about large labia, and mostly to do with large labia minora. This is a body-positive blog that aims to show that large labia are normal and beautiful. It provides support for those who feel insecure, self-conscious, victimised or vilified about their large labia. This blog is inclusive, and all people with labia are welcome, regardless race, age, sexual preference or gender. Submissions are encouraged, but photos showing nudity are only allowed from people 18+ please.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting detailed genital nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes.

WARNING: If you have a blog that mainly contains and reblogs porn, DO NOT FOLLOW this blog and DO NOT REBLOG any posts from it. Otherwise you will be blocked and reported for harassment.

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Email Submission: I was self conscious for a while about mine, especially after having two kids. But this site has really helped me become comfortable with my body. I thank you so much for all the great work you’re doing and helping girls and women have a positive self image!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know there is no such thing as a "normal" hymen, but how should a virgin hymen look like?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

There is no particular way that a virgin’s hymen (vaginal corona) should look. They all look different. It’s a flexible membrane which can be formed around part of the vaginal opening, in a crescent shape, or maybe even form a ring around the entire circumference. Some people have none at all.

Vaginal coronas do not completely cover the vaginal opening (though in rare cases they can which will require a small operation to cut an opening for menses to escape). Vaginal coronas can look pretty much the same all your life. They can erode away through normal (non sexual) daily activity and leave lumpy edges around your vaginal opening. They can stretch during sexual penetration and still look just the way they were. Looking at a vaginal corona is no indication of whether you’re a virgin or not. You can’t tell. That idea is rooted in the dark ages. And if that is the case then there is no way that a “virgin hymen” should look. 

And first time sex doesn’t involve breaking hymens, popping cherries and all that crap. If there’s pain and blood it’s because the vagina wasn’t lubricated enough for the penis to slide in and out without causing little tears in the very delicate lining of the vaginal walls.

Here’s more information from a recent post about vaginal coronas.

If you’re menstruating right now then I invite you submit photos of your vulva showing how you look at this time of your month.

Some people are offended by the thought that people with vulvas get their period, and the mere sight of a tampon string, or even the idea menstrual blood is gross, eww and should be totally hidden away. We don’t live in the dark ages, so I think it’s time to show that having your period isn’t something to be ashamed about. After all, it happens every month for decades. It’s reality for 50% of the population.

So if you’re having your period then please submit photos of your vulva, whether you have large labia or small. Proudly show a tampon string, or even menses, it’s entirely up to you.

Email me at and I will post them anonymously for you.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Don’t you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration? Everyone? Really. I don’t think so. What is wrong or ew about showing a piece of string? Grow up.

Having a period isn’t pleasant, but it happens to 50% of the population pretty much every month for 40 years of their life, so how ridiculous to pretend it doesn’t exist.

I’m assuming you’re a guy, and if so (a) you have no fucking idea or personal interest in the matter, and (b) your opinion and presence here is irrelevant, so bye bye. Go jerk off somewhere else.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
My cousin is so ignorant! He thinks that girls that have large labia have large labia because they fuck to much! He said that his anatomy teacher confirmed this! Is this true?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Sadly you are right, he is ignorant. And if that teacher said it too (which I seriously doubt - your cousin is not only stupid he’s also full of shit) then he’s just as ignorant, and worse, unprofessional for saying such an inappropriate thing.

The size and shape and colour and every other aspect of your vulva’s appearance has everything to do with your genes and your hormones. Having large labia has nothing to do with how much sex you have or how often you masturbate. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

If that were the case then surely every porn actress would have labia down to her knees! Clearly they don’t. Some have larger labia. Some have smaller labia. That’s because they are normal human beings and demonstrate normal body diversity. In the same way there is diversity of mental acuity. Some people are smart. Some people are barely able to rub two brain cells together. Guess which group your cousin belongs to.

It makes as much sense to say something idiotic like “guys have little dicks from too much fucking”. You know, with all that pounding and grinding it squashes the penis and makes it too small. Do you think he’d like that piece of idiotic logic?

And for the record, (you didn’t say this but it’s in a similar vein) having sex does not make your vagina loose either. The term “loose” was an old-fashioned term used by men referring to women who were promiscuous (they also call them sluts) and readily agreed to have sex with them. In other words a woman who was “loose” was really just displaying the same sort of behaviours the guys aspired to. It astounds me that guys want a girl to be an easy lay and yet will belittle and demean them when they are. Seriously guys are fucked in the head sometimes. Anyway people then started thinking that “loose” meant that if you had lots of sex your vagina got all loose and floppy. How dumb. It’s made of muscle, like other parts of the body. Muscle gets stronger with exercise. If anything having sex will make your vagina stronger!

Back to your question, even if labial size was related to how much sex have, who is to say where the limits are. Ask him how much fucking is too much fucking? And on whose say so? Him? A man? Is it as much as every boy wants to fuck? What gives anyone other than you the right to decide how much fucking you do? What a stupid, patronising, sexist, patriarchal and misogynistic thing to say. Looks like your cousin has shown his true colours there. With that attitude he’ll just be jerking off into his hand full of Kleenex until he grows up.


Anonymous Submission: When I was little, my labia got teased a lot by boys that I liked. I was told I had “meat curtains” and that I smelled like fish or rye bread down there. And I was extremely insecure about my pubic hair, so I shaved all the time. 

When I started growing out my body hair I found out I loved it and felt more at peace with my body. Then I started to be more okay with my labia slowly, but I was very insecure when I started my job as a stripper. Being surrounded by all shaven girls made me feel like nobody wanted to see my hair pussy with long wrinkly labia, but I kept telling myself “they won’t be afraid of your vagina if you aren’t”. And I finally gained the confidence after about 4 months to get fully nude on stage and be okay with how my labia looked. Now I think they are unbelievably beautiful and sexy, I wouldn’t want any other kind. 

P.S. finding this blog helped me a lot. It made me feel less alone in the large labia struggle of life.

I thought I was just lazy lol. Emma

I thought I was just lazy lol. Emma

I have always been insecure about my vagina. I am now 20 and I have had this issue ever since I was little. Although I am sexually active I’ve always hidden the fact that I have a enlarge labia from my partners, but coming to this site and seeing all these other women being brave enough to show their labia I have decided to share mine. I’m truly thankful for this site. It’s a confidence booster especially to know I’m not alone in this

Email Submission (from one of my vulva/menstrual cycle research participants): Hi Emma, thank you so much! I admit it, the first time you told me my vulva was beautiful I started smiling and jumping around the room. I felt really good. I’m quite happy about it now. It reminds me of flowers and I love both flowers and lady parts. Nobody ever told me anything about it, nothing negative but also nothing positive, so I always thought I had an average pussy.

I can say my self-love suddenly increased since I discovered your blog!

I also had the chance to see wonderful vulvas and how important this project is for women of different ages and it’s so inspiring. Everything that can make women feel more confident about themselves really excites me! Thank you so much for everything!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hiii, I have a problem with masturbation. I almost never masturbate and I know that is probably considered weird but I just can't get anything out of it. It doesn't feel like anything when I do it, but when my boyfriend takes care of it, oh wow. A big difference. I don't even remember when was the last time that I masturbated. Is that weird and should I find a way to make masturbation a pleasurable thing for me? And it's not like I don't get horny, because I do. But I just don't masturbate.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Hmm, well there’s nothing weird about that, but it sounds a little unusual to me that you get nothing out of doing it yourself but if your boyfriend does it then it works. Perhaps it’s like how you can’t really tickle yourself but others can.

Personally I think masturbation, and learning how to show yourself physical love, is an important part of self-esteem. I’d suggest that you keep trying, but not with the objective of having an orgasm. When you’re feeling horny, why not try doing what I suggest in this post about getting to know your vulva? At worst you’ll have some quality time getting to explore your body, and if you take out of the equation the “I must come” thinking then you’ll probably be far more relaxed about touching yourself. And who knows what might, or might not, happen after that.

Regardless, everyone is different and experiences the world in different ways, and that includes sexual response. If not feeling anything when you masturbate isn’t a problem for you, then it’s not a problem and it’s not weird. If you’d rather it was different, then you’ll probably want to explore ways to change how your body reacts. Whatever it is I imagine that it’s all in your head. I won’t try out any amateur psychology on you but it would be interesting to know what messages you received about masturbation when you were growing up. Was it considered to be naughty, bad, forbidden or taboo? What are your thoughts on it?

But what I or other people get enjoyment from has no bearing on what you enjoy. There is no right or wrong or correct way to be with your sexuality and how you feel and you don’t ever need to do anything you don’t want to.


Large Labia in Porn
2013 AVN Awards Winners and Nominees Don’t Have “Porn Pussies”

It always astounds me when people say that they only see porn pussies that are tiny pink slits, and then feel bad when they look between their own legs and see something different.

I don’t know what porn they are looking at (probably Playboy which believes that labia minora should be invisible) but I thought you all might be interested in seeing photos of the vulvas belonging to 21 out of 30 (that’s 70%) of the women nominated for the 31st AVN Awards (2013) Female Performer of the Year and Best New Starlet.

OMG! They have …. (sharp intake of breath) inner labia! Just like many of the photos you’ll see contributed here.

Do I seriously need to provide more evidence that the “tiny perfect pink porn pussy” is a total myth?

Female Performer of the Year
Bonnie Rotten (Winner), Asa Akira, Anikka Albrite, Bailey Blue, Dani Daniels, Skin Diamond, Allie Haze, Maddy O’Reilly, Chanel Preston, Samantha Saint, Sheena Shaw, Jada Stevens.

Best New Starlet
Mia Malkova (Winner), A.J. Applegate, Casey Calvert, Teal Conrad, Melody Jordan, Christy Mack, Jessa Rhodes, Cindy Starfall, Jodi Taylor.

(via largelabiaproject)

Hi Emma! Thanks to your work, I wish I could have seen and read that when I was younger but it’s never too late to get to like oneself! It made me want to participate to your programme, for myself and for other women. I like my labia but wish I had fewer and shorter hairs ( but don’t like the touch of it when shaved and growing again: feels like a man’s beard !).I’ve always been self-conscious about it and you must admit men prefer hairless vulva especially nowadays ( I heard young men wanting to shave their own armpit hair !). Will hair become trendy again one day???

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi emma! i love your blog and it has helped me (an 18 yo) become more at ease about how i look down there! but i do have a question about the male opinion drop box survey thing :) i was wondering if, in the photos of the labias, were the labias spread out like on purpose or is that how they fell naturally? does that make any sense? like were they spread and laid like that or did the women just spread their legs and take a picture without "posing" down there if that makes sense. thanks! xoxo
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

I know what you mean, but I honestly don’t know whether they had spread their labia apart first or not. I know that sometimes when I spread my legs my lips stick together, and other times they spread apart. When I’m sexually aroused they spread, which is a normal response.


Email Submission: I really appreciate what you are doing for other women confidence and self-esteem, so thank you for that.

I am nearly 40 and I have never felt very concerned about how my vulva should or should not look like. I guess I have always been very lucky with meeting nice and gentle men. Anyway, your project made me think of my vulva and I started looking at it in a mirror. I think it’s kind of a mess down there, but it does not matter in any way. So I guess the purpose of my contribution is to show other women that every vulva looks completely different and that it is perfectly fine!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Im a teen and I'm really insecure about my labia because people at school always make fun of labias like mine of course they don't know mine is the way it is but it makes feel so bad about myself any tips ?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

In any school, university or college, workplace, social setting etc there will be nice, decent people who you want to associate with, and there will be people who are total fucktards you want to enjoy. Typically those fucktards make it easy to spot them because they open their mouths and spew inane  and ignorant comments. My advice is to (a) ignore them and be smug in the knowledge that they are stupid and you are beautiful and normal, and (b) make sure to never ever allow them the honour of ever seeing your vulva. There are far better people to hang around with. After all, do you really want to surround yourself with dumb people who make you feel bad?