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Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it: Confucius

This blog is all about large labia, and mostly to do with large labia minora. This is a body-positive blog that aims to show that large labia are normal and beautiful. It provides support for those who feel insecure, self-conscious, victimised or vilified about their large labia. This blog is inclusive, and all people with labia are welcome, regardless race, age, sexual preference or gender. Submissions are encouraged, but photos showing nudity are only allowed from people 18+ please.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting detailed genital nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes.

WARNING: If you have a blog that mainly contains and reblogs porn, DO NOT FOLLOW this blog and DO NOT REBLOG any posts from it. Otherwise you will be blocked and reported for harassment.

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Email Submission: “Hi! I’m 20 years old and have come to terms with the fact my breasts will probably not get bigger than 28A - and I’m actually okay with that. I’ve always had a petite frame and no one in my family has particularly large breasts. Being a late bloomer didn’t help and I had years of “jokes” about my fried-eggs and flat chest. I was convinced the reason my boobs were so small is because I slept on my front - silly I know! I really wanted surgery.

But the more I think about it, the more I like, maybe even love my breasts. Many of my friends who are big chested claim they are a burden, and a literal pain in the back. I imagine having to haul two colossal breasts around in the middle of summer, or having to pay ridiculous amounts for the right bra and I’m grateful mine are tiny.
Don’t get me wrong, some days I catch myself wishing they were bigger, but my partner reassures me that there are just as many people who actually PREFER smaller breasts as there are those who prefer large. Either way, breasts are breasts and all breasts are great :-)

P.S I think you’re doing a WONDERFUL thing both with this page and the labia project - although I haven’t yet found the courage to contribute to that on.. maybe one day :) xxxx”

Wow that’s awesome!! I’m so glad you contributed today. Your positivity and body-acceptance, and common-sense ideas will be contagious and you’ll be helping so many other girls by being here. Everyone wishes for different things from tiem to time, but the trick is to not let those thoughts dominate your life and affect how you see yourself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, awesome attitude and your stunning breasts. You’re amazing.


Got boobs? Consider sharing on the Large Labia Project’s sister site,

Email Submission: “Hi! I stumbled upon this site from my many google searches, in which I was hoping to find labia like mine. After reading countless blogs etc referring to large labia as “roast beef” and “meat curtains”, I finally stumbled upon this beautiful site. After reading the countless stories of sham and humiliation due to uniqueness “down there”, I decided enough was enough. I want to contribute to the liberation of vaginas everywhere! aha. By the way I’m 18.”

That’s awesome, thanks for fostering pussy-pride everywhere. And  your vulva is so pretty! I think the tampon string is awesome too. It’s not like we don’t have a period every month! Thanks again - you’re helping girls all over the world.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
I visited this website when I started to be uncomfortable about my large labia. I'd been considering becoming sexually active, but that threw me off. I had been, like many girls, used to seeing porn stars. After I became comfy with myself again, my boyfriend went down on me for my first time ever and it was AMAZING! Thank you SO SO much <3
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
This is the person who's wondering if it's possible to be born without a clit. I've never orgasmed.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Hmmm that’s a shame. If you feel comfortable, email me at and I’ll be able to refer this to our tame gyno :)


Email Submission: “Hey Emma, thank you so much. I would have never thought that anyone could consider my pussy as beautiful. It is a huge surprise, don’t know what to think about it yet. It kinda confuses me haha. I’d taken those pictures of my pussy from my first submission a few month ago, it was the first time and I was so grossed out that I never did it again.

When I saw the response I was really overwhelmed and confused. So I decided to take some more and different pictures of it. I still don’t consider my labia as beautiful at all, but somehow I wasn’t grossed out that much this time. But they’re even more embarassing than the other ones because I opened it up a lot more… :x And some of them are with different lighting. I like those better because I don’t like the real colour of my pussy and my skin.

I don’t know…somehow I would like to see how people respond because I never showed them to anyone like that. Not in real life and not on the internet. But I’m scared too :/

Thank you again for taking your time to answer and everything. Words can’t describe how thankful I am!”

I’m so glad you decided to contribute again. Not only because you’re jst so beautiful, but because I can see that this is helping you get a better appreciation for how wonderful and amazing your vulva is. I hope that you find this to be a really valuable growth experience :)


Site visitors - what words of encouragement do you have for this beautiful lady?

Submission: “Hey emma. Im a 26yr old male in the military. I stumbled across this blog a bit ago, and i think its rad someone has taken the time to help out so many people with questions and issues. Anyway, My buddies(a few actually) an i got on the subject of lady parts. Well everything about females really. And we got on the subject of “large” labias. Its funny cause we all really like them, alot to be honest. Any shape. Any size. EVERYTHING! We all pretty much said the same thing. Large labias are way more fun and totally a turn on!

It bums me out to hear so many females freak out about this. You are all normal and insanely sexy. Stop freaking out! I grew up an was raised by females, and have a great amount of respect for them. So i 100% understand the concerns, insecurities, and what not. But dont forget, you females are in total control of who sees what, and when. If a guy doesnt like your parts, Too bad!!! Just brush off what they say and dont take it personal. Easier said then done. I know. But all they are doing is hiding some of their insecurities. No body on this earth needs someone like that in their lives. Ever! Alot of us guys are lucky enough just to talk to a female. Let alone see them nude.

So, stop worrying about it. I promise, everyone makes things out to be worse in their mind then whats actually true!”

I am 28 yo by sharing my labia i want to make the point on my intimacy.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it possible to be born without a clitoris? I can't find mine and I don't really have much sexual drive at all.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

I imagine your clit’s glans (the head or tip) is just small or hidden. The clitoris is actually a much large organ than most people think:

Tell me, are you able to orgasm? Chance are that’s your clit at work if you can.

I got this from an online forum, written by a nurse. This makes sense.

"It’s technically possible to be born without one, but extremely unlikely; akin to being born without an arm. More likely, your clitoris is simply very small, and completely covered up by the outer skin. The clitoris can be found where the labia split at the base of the pubic area. There is an area half an inch to an inch or so where the clitoris is completely covered by skin, and where the inner labia actually split off, there should be a small opening where the clitoris should come out if you pull the skin back. You can also feel where it is under the skin simply by pressing down in the half-inch/inch area I described: it should feel like a small rod harder than the surrounding tissue. Whether or not the clitoris sticks out or how big it is doesn’t really matter unless you are having a really hard time getting aroused through masturbation [as in your case] and in that case, you may want to see a doctor.”

I would recommend seeing your doctor just for a check up to be sure. Best of luck!


Submission: “I don’t know if this counts as large or not but I’m very self conscious about it. It’s all different colors and just blah. I don’t really like it.”

Wow your coloration is spectacularly beautiful. I can’t believe you are self-conscious! It’s a living work of art - breathtaking in their beauty. And millions would agree with me. I hope you can see that some day too - very soon :) Thanks for your courage in sharing.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thank you very much for posting about the labia library!! It was soooo helpful. Seriously why doesn't that info get passed onto us during sex ed class?? My ex-Dr said that it was extremely rare to have larger labia hence why you never saw them in magazines, porn, models, etc. What an idiot!! Now with sexual experience (I'm bi) and general maturity I know that as the site says about half of women have an 'outie'. Such a shame that false truths are believed to so easily about womens' bodies!
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I wish I had discovered this website when I was having issues! There was literally no-one to tell me what other vulvas looked like. And when I googled surgery- there was nothing but praise ('it will change your life', 'we can fix you' etc). Now I'm happy to say girls have woken up and are seeing the ridiculousness of surgery and of hating such a glorious part of yourself. I know it's hard to love your labia, but you do get through it. I've never been happier with mine! Maturity cures insecurity!
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi there Emma! I'm complaining to the Australian Classification Board about the banning of showing clitoris and labia minora in porn. It's such a ridiculous, sexist, outmoded law that needs to be changed. So just wanted to recommend that everyone that wants to should complain to them via email, etc. It can literally be a sentence complaint or a whole venting essay. If enough ppl make a complaint about it- there is a real possibility it will be changed. So please consider it!! Thanks :)
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

The contact details for the classification board are here:

I found this rather unloved petition which could be helpful:

Under the new woman-hating Abbott government we’ll probably see all actual labia minora banned in real life, and not just in porn LOL.

And while we’re talking about the idiotic classification board ideas, here is an enlightening interview:


Email Submission: “Hey Emma, I just found your page. Thank you for helping out, this actually is an awesome idea! :)

I really hate my labia though. I think it feels good when I or someone else plays with it, but as soon as I look at it I can’t stop crying. It grosses me out because my lips are so huge, wrinkly and have that awful colour. Especially when I’m aroused. I have a problem with my whole body and face but especially with my labia. I actually love sex, I satisfy myself everyday and I love the feeling of a tongue between my legs. I slept with a lot of guys because I wanted to get confirmation that maybe I am not as ugly as I thought. But most of the time the sex wasn’t good, I just couldn’t let go and enjoy it. And I felt bad afterwards. I was always tense and thought about how my body looked. Especially when they went down on me. One guy said that I have “too much meat” down there. That hurted so much. I never let anyone eat me out since that and I miss it a lot. I barely have sex and never really had a relationship because of the issues I have with my body. And actually I don’t want to be alone. :(

I really want to have the labiaplasty done and I nearly have saved enough money for it. Still I’d like to see/hear some “feedback” about how I look down there. I never let anyone see it in real life so I’ll show it here. Please be honest, even if you think that it’s not beautiful. I’m scared but somehow I really want to know what others think about it… Sorry for that long text and the bad English. :/”


Thanks for your courage. It takes a lot to do something like this when you feel badly about your body. Please, don’t let the stupid comments of one person affect your self-esteem so much. The guy who said that about your labia didn’t deserve to be anywhere near them. His views are meaningless. He’s not part of your life (I hope) so why worry about what he said?

Having sex is great. Having lots of sex is great too. Having sex with guys who care more about you than just for the sex is even better. And that way you’ll be more inclined to be with honourable, decent human beings, instead of arseholes like the guy you mentioned. You’ll also find that the sex is better, when you’re able to relax and let go of your fears. You’ll know that the guy cares for all of you, including your luscious labia. If you’re just having sex for validation, and going from guy to guy, it isn’t going to give you what you need. You won’t be able to establish an honest connection, because let’s face it, many guys will say and do almost anything to get into a girl’s panties. And if they know it’s just a one night stand, then it’s not like they are really going to care.

Don’t let one bad experience turn you off sex and relationships. Being in a relationship, with open and honest communication, is exactly what you need. Maybe start talking to your friends, and see where that leads.

In my opinion your labia are perfectly normal and very pretty. Everything about them is gorgeous. Their size, shape, colour, everything. Please don’t have surgery. It is so totally uneccessary. Why resort to a physical, surgical “solution” to what is really an emotional problem. You would be better talking to a counsellor who can give you strategies to overcome your negative feelings.

And those orgasms you give yourself every day, well they won’t be anything like you’re used to if you slice off all of those sensitive nerve endings. And remember, your labia are directly connected to your clit hood, so all of that movement of your labia goes straight to your clitoris and adds to the sensation.

I know I’m not the only one who will think your labia are beautiful. What do other site visitors think?

Asker sllss Asks:
seriously - love all the pics I have seen. Women must have similar thoughts to guys on their cock size. But honestly as a man - I can't wait to see what a woman has - every pussy is different and I haven't found one I didn't just adore. But I am married now and am still in awe of my wife's pussy after nearly 20 yrs together. Keep up the great work and girls - you all look amazing.
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Email Submission: “Thought I was Alone. Hello I am a 38 year old woman. I
have been dealing with fat lips all my life. I couldn’t wear bike shorts or
leggings because guys would always say I had a fat vagina. At one time I
was thinking of surgery, until my boyfriend told me to look it up on the
computer. I did and found this blog! So happy to know I am not abnormal or
alone. Thanks for helping me feel comfortable in my skin.”