Large Labia Project

Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it: Confucius

This blog is all about large labia, and mostly to do with large labia minora. This is a body-positive blog that aims to show that large labia are normal and beautiful. It provides support for those who feel insecure, self-conscious, victimised or vilified about their large labia. This blog is inclusive, and all people with labia are welcome, regardless of race, age, sexual preference or gender. Submissions are encouraged, but photos showing nudity are only allowed from people 18+ please.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting detailed genital nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes.

WARNING: If you have a blog that mainly contains and reblogs porn, DO NOT FOLLOW this blog and DO NOT REBLOG any posts from it. Otherwise you will be blocked and reported for harassment.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Emma. I think it's great what you are doing with this site however, have you ever considered starting a site called "labiaproject" so it includes ALL LABIAS and not just one type? You say that you want to show diversity and that's great but I get the impression that this site, like so many others sites as well as people's opinions, are against women like me, ones with naturally small labia. I have yet to find a site about small labia. Even the porn I've seen all have women with large labia.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

You couldn’t be further from the truth about this site not supporting women with small labia. Just because it is “for” women with large ones, it does not mean it is “against” women like you. Not at all! Small labia are just as normal as large ones, and just as awesome. And you will find a good number of contributions from women with small labia here. Please feel free to show your support for diversity and contribute too.

I won’t be making any more blogs, and perhaps I could have made this for all labia to start with. However there was then and still is now far more stigma, discrimination and almost persecution, of women with large labia. Sex education doesn’t address this diversity, and young people grow up thinking they are deformed, or expect girls to have tiny innies or else their labia look like little penises. Girls get mocked by boys and their small-lipped peers. Women spend thousands of dollars and endure pain and risk in having labiaplasty and “vaginal rejuvenation”. Women have life long self-esteem issues, suffer depression and other body dysmorphic psychiatric disorders, and even attempt suicide because of it. This stuff is real, and a cursory glance at the contributions and comments on this site will prove it.

Its kind of funny about your porn comment as most women with large labia only see women in porn with what is commonly called the “perfect tiny pink porn pussy”. I know for a fact that porn, especially not super-soft porn, like Playboy (which almost never shows visible labia minora), represents all sorts of labia, large and small. I suspect that women fixated on their labia size have a very active “reticular activating system” (where they see only what they are focused on.

I don’t for an instant think that women with small labia do not feel insecure about them, because they are women after all and there’s always something to be insecure about. But I’m not aware of surgical procedures to transplant labia minora or for labia implants, or in fact a derogatory slang term for women with small labia, as opposed to the classic meat or beef curtains, wizard sleeves etc for big ones. It’s just not the same thing.

I would encourage you to start a blog for all labia, or women with self-esteem issues because of their small lips. I will help you spread the word.

I aim to keep this focused though on the issue that I see has the most need, and that’s supporting women with large labia, and getting the message out there that they are normal and beautiful.


Several months ago I conducted a survey into labia minora and the general appearance of vulva. Here are the long awaited results, in a PDF document available to be freely downloaded via Dropbox.

Download the survey results here.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to every woman who so candidly and honestly contributed to the survey. I hope that it was a rewarding experience for you in helping describe the tremendous diversity that makes all of us women so special. Take heart in the results. You’re not alone. Be proud of who you are.

Pussy pride!!!


Submission: “Very insecure about my clithood looking like a little penis :(
I wish I had a tiny slit instead of this big meaty thing, I hate it. 18yrs”

Oh dear, have you ever seen a penis? I have to wonder, because penises and vulva, even vulva with large clit hoods and longer labia minora, look nothing alike. Clit hoods and labia look like, well, pussy!

In the womb when we were all tiny undeveloped foetuses we basically started with the same genital bits and pieces. Depending on which chromosomes we inherited, the clitoris either stayed a clit, or became a penis. And the labia minora either stayed labia, or became a scrotum. Some people, because of hormonal or genetic imbalances can have some type of ambiguity about their genitals, like very large clitorises that can have a penis-like look when erect. But you don’t look like that. Labia look like labia. Clit hoods look like clit hoods. Penises look like penises.

It’s a shame that you hate your vulva because it is really pretty, and such a commonplace appearance. I’m sure that it functions as it was designed, and gives you physical pleasure too. BTW, labial and clit hood skin is attached to the clit, so more skin often means more movement which means more clit stimulation, and you can work out the rest ;)

Of course all vulvas are special and unique and awesome, but really yours is not that much different to hundreds of millions of other vulva! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the way you feel is perfectly valid and legitimate.

But I would challenge you to consider how and why you think your vulva is meaty, and why it should look different. What are you basing this on? What images of or experiences with “un-meaty” pussies are you comparing yourself to? Why do you think they are any better of more attractive than yours? And then ask yourself if this is a rational way to think about yourself. See if that starts to make you think differently about yourself. I, for one, think your labia and clit hood are completely normal and very attractive, and can guarantee you there will be many more people who think the same.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
My friends and I like your blog but we are too young to submit our own pictures, so one day, at a friend's house after school we all undressed and displayed our labia to each other to show the variety in our class. Some girls have one longer than the other, some have different colours, some have almost no visible labia. It's amazing what variety there is. I wish this was better covered in human biology classes.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

I hope that wasn’t too akward for you all, but frankly if more girls did exactly what you did with their friends too then there would be far less anxiety about our bodies. I’m proud of you all! And you’re right, there is a huge amount of variety. It’s one of the reasons vulva are awesome!


Hi Emma! First of all I would like to thank you for creating this blog, helping girls and women to feel comfortable with their labia.

I’m 16 and I’ve always kind of hated my labia, because my lips are bigger, longer, thicker, my labia is just in an bigger size, and different from what I thought was “normal”. I always thought that it was something wrong with it, and I never felt comfortable with it. But then I discovered the “children banned” side of Tumblr, if you can call it that, and I found your blog through another one, and it really helped me. I started to understand that my labia is totally normal and that it’s nothing wrong with it. I have slowly started to accept they way my labia look and I slowly start to like it too and feel comfortable with it.

It was a huge step for me, as I have very low self confidence, not just over my labia. But over my whole body, like I don’t think that my tummy is flat enough, and that I’m not tall enough and that my breasts are too small. That’s something that really bothers me, because everyone else at my age seems to have so much bigger breast that I have. Over all I just don’t like my body, I don’t think that I’m ugly, but I have hard to like how I look too, and only find bad thing with it, because of my low self confidence :(

Do you have any advice of how to feel more comfortable about my body and get better self confidence?

I also have another question, that might not have exactly with the subject of your blog to do, but I would be glad if you could answer it. I’ve never shaved my vagina, because I’ve heard that it can start to itch, but the hair bothers me, I think it would be so much easier without it and I think it looks better, So I’ve thought if using a “removing cream” instead, it seems easier, but I’m little unsure of how to do it, and I’m definitely not going to ask my mom, because she doesn’t understand why people shave their vagina, she thinks it’s ridiculous. And I’m not comfortable with talking about this kind of stuff in person. So do you have any advice? And again I would like to thank you for running this blog, I’m sure it helps a lot if girls out there, you really helped me. That means a lot, keep the good work up!

Thanks for writing (and I’m sorry for taking so long to reply!). I’m really glad that you’re happier with your labia. That’s awesome! It’s hard accepting your body as it is. To see what real, normal breasts look like, visit my other blog, and you’ll see the huge diversity of boobs, and you’ll see that not every young girl has bigger breasts than you. The variety of breast sizes and appearances is truly amazing.

Accepting your body shape will take time, and my best advice is to educate yourself about what normal people look like (on sites like this) and to also spend more time with yourself naked. Look at yourself, in the mirror, and spend time getting to know and appreciate your naked body. I learned this trick from an awesome sex and body positive vlogger, Laci Green - check out her short video.

Hmm, now with pubic hair, NEVER use depilatory creams. You’ll just end up burning your sensitive vulvar area. SHave or wax, but no creams. They are dangerous.

Hope this helps.


Laci Green on how to keep your vulva clean.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm 16 years old, and my labia can stretch out all the way to 3 inches. It gets caught in between my thighs, my underwear, and my pants all the time. They get so chaffed and irritated, and it drives me crazy. I also think no guy will ever accept me for it, because it looks horrible. I get this smell down there because cleaning that whole thing is very difficult. I feel like all of the contributors have beautiful labias; I don't know what to do about mine. Any advice?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Ok, so stretching your labia to 3 inches isn’t a big deal. 3 inches is perfectly normal and in fact there are hundreds of millions of girls and women around the world with labia the size of yours, and bigger!

Don’t worry about guys - they will be just delighted and grateful to be allowed anywhere near your vulva. Most guys adore all vulva, so you’ll be fine. And while young guys aren’t as experienced or well-educated about what normal girls look like down there than older guys, if anyone has a problem with how you look it is HIS problem, not yours. It’s just showing his ignorance and stupidity, which you shouldn’t internalise.

It sux that your labia cause you discomfort though. I’d suggest that you try wearing different types of underwear. Some women say that briefs or boyshorts with a wider gusset can help. Some say that tighter gussets, like you’ll find with a g-string or thong, will hold your labia tighter and stop them moving, chafing or popping out and getting caught. Try different styles until you find the best for your body shape. It’s also best to only wear undies made from natural fibres, like cotton, and if you must wear synthetic then be sure it has an all-cotton gusset.

Ok now about your vaginal smell - all vaginas and vulva have an odour. That’s natural. When bathing just use water to clean your vulva every day. Healthy vaginas are self cleaning so never douche. Don’t use soap or sprays or wipes. Cleansing bars can be ok, but it’s a delicate ecosystem inside your vagina with good bacteria, and adding soap or cleansers can mess up the vagina’s pH, and result in bad bacterial infections. If you’re going to use a cleanser then use one that’s pH balanced and fragrance free. And just on the outside. And besides, nobody wants a pussy smelling of flowers. It’s supposed to smell like a vulva, which is intoxicatingly erotic!

Always remember to practice good basic hygiene and toilet habits, like wiping front to back. If you wipe back to front you can cause infections. And those cotton undies can help you be less sweaty. It’s also a good idea to sleep without undies on so you can let your vulva “breathe” easy for 8 hours.

If the odour is really unpleasant or weird, you might have an infection. If there’s chunky white discharge it could be thrush (there are pharmacy treatments to fix that). If there is other discharge, strage coloured or bad smelling then see your doctor as it may indicate another type of infection.

I’ve read of other home remedies that may or may not work, like eating probiotoc yoghurt, liquid chlorophyll, and cranberries (berries or juice), grapefruit may help, but I can’t vouch for any of those.

Best of luck!


Submission: “Thank you Emma for your blog. I think my labia looks old because it is wrinkly. But I decide to post a picture of it since everyone else’s labia is unique, just like mine.”

Email Submission: “Hello Emma, a little contribution with pics of mine, with large labia too ! But I feel good. Thanks for your website. Greetings from France”

Email Submission: “Hi Emma, Here are some more pictures. I had a complexed about my labia for a very long time but I am ok now. I am 41.”

Anonymous Submission: “Hi Emma. I am 41 years old. My right lip larger on
one side and you might think it is deformed when it is all closed up, but
it is only me who has this fixation about it. It is often said by others
that she is pretty and small.”

Just like what has happened to these losers who have been blocked and reported for harassment:

morenakedpeople: “What I would give to bury my face in that!”
johncisneros: “A fantasy about you I wish we could make come true tonight, Your stripped naked, boobs a-bouncin’, your Fingers around my throbbing dick. An your pussy, wet and sopping…etc etc blah [a load of crap sleazy fantasy]”
jimmydaperv: “Jimmy Say’s ” I would like to spend some quality face time with your apricot!””
bone1983: “I’d suck on it. Beautiful pussy”

Email Submission: “I’ve been sort of focalising on my labia since I hit puberty (I’m 19) My little ”apricot” style vagina is long gone and until I saw your blog, I thought I was not normal at all. This actually kept we from going further with boys. I seriously used to believe that my vagina was to other vaginas what pugs are to dogs: droopy.

To all of you out there who just like me were all worried, here’s another pic!

Pussy Pride!”

63% of people with a vulva aged 14 to 60+ have asymmetrical labia minora. 54% have a difference of up to 1cm between the widths of the left and right lips.

(Source: Labia Minora and Vulvar Appearance Survey, 2013)

It’s official: 68% of females have labia minora that are between 0.4cm and 6.0cm wide.

(Source: Labia Minora and Vulvar Appearance Survey, 2013)