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This blog is all about large labia, and mostly to do with large labia minora. This is a body-positive blog that aims to show that large labia are normal and beautiful. It provides support for those who feel insecure, self-conscious, victimised or vilified about their large labia. This blog is inclusive, and all people with labia are welcome, regardless race, age, sexual preference or gender. Submissions are encouraged, but photos showing nudity are only allowed from people 18+ please.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting detailed genital nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it common to have large labia majora and small labia minora?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Absolutely! Just as normal as any other combination, like small labia majora and large labia minora. Or any combination of large, medium and small. You’re fine - don’t worry.

Email Submission: “It’s my first time to post a picture of my labia. I’m not confident with it. I don’t even know if it is small or large. I am so ashamed that the right part of my inner labia is larger and hangs down than the left. I hope it is normal. I have a lot of questions regarding reproductive health but our country is not open with this kind of topic.”

You’re very normal and the size of your labia is fine. It doesn’t matter if your labia are large or small - they are normal. Asymmetry is actually the norm - the majority of people with labia have one longer or differently shaped than the other. You have nothing to worry or be ashamed about.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've never been insecure about my vulva. But now I feel I'm becoming more and more insecure. I've got a big vagina. I've got a massive mons pubis. Sometimes it's like I've got a tucked in penis rather than a vagina. Especially in my knickers. Is this normal? I know there's no normal but I want to know if there's something I can do about it. I am 18 years old and I'm curvy. Thank you.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Ok, first, let’s start using the right names for parts of our bodies. Your vagina is the tube that leads inside your body to your cervix and uterus. Your external genitals is called your vulva. It’s made up of your mons pubis (pubic mound), your labia majora and labia minora (your outer and inner “lips”), your clitoris and the clitoral hood which generally covers the clit.

When you say you have a big vagina I’m assuming you don’t mean your actual vagina and you’re talking about your labia minora. Labia minora that protrude and stick out from between your labia majora are very common. Believe me, labia and penises look very different. It’s incredibly normal for labia to protrude, and in fact around 50% of all people who have labia have ones that stick out. So yes, it’s normal.

In your knickers it will just look like you have the outline of visible labia there. Not a penis. Is there anything you can do about it? Yes, absolutely. Accept it and realise that you’re fine.

Your mons pubis is basically a pad of fat that covers your pubic bone. Among other things it makes sex more comfortable by providing cushioning between your and your partner’s pubic bones. Because it’s fat it will vary in size depending on your overall body weight and fat distribution. You say you’re curvy so it makes sense that you’ll have a curvier mons as well. If you lose weight it usually comes from all over your body so that’s a way to reduce the size of your mons. If you feel it appears too large, in your knickers for example, it will be exacerbated if you have bushy pubic hair. I’m not advocating shaving or waxing, but pubic hair will make it appear larger. Really though, all it will look like is that you have a pretty normal body. It’s hardly unattractive. Quite the opposite actually.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
How should I bring it up with my boyfriend that I have a large labia and large areola and I'm insecure about them?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Honesty and open communication are really important in any caring relationship, so it’s great that you want to talk with him about your feelings. I assume that he hasn’t seen you naked and he hasn’t had sexual contact with your breasts or genitals (I may be wrong there!).

Before thinking about how to tell him, I want you to start thinking about why you feel you need to tell him.

Hopefully you have browsed through some of posts on this site from me and thousands of other people with labia, as well as the many articles and research facts that I’ve published in the Labia Resources page. If you haven’t had a good look around yet, then I urge you to do so. You may soon start to realise that:

(a) you’re not alone in feeling insecure about your labial appearance
(b) large labia are very common and above all, normal.
(c) labia are as unique and individual as people’s faces and there is a huge diversity in their appearance.
(d) there is not “standard” for beauty when it comes to labia and vulva
(e) the vast, huge majority of guys know and appreciate this and find almost every single vulva to be sexually attractive - read Male Opinions Regarding Female Genital Appearance: Survey Results and Male Comments

Similarly if you visit the Large Labia Project’s sister site, you will come to realise it’s the same deal with your areolae. Large or small they are normal, commonplace, desirable and attractive.

Large labia and areolae are just one of the normal variations in our bodies that we all have. They are as normal as differences from person-to-person in foot size, leg length, butts, bellies, eye and hair colour, height, faces etc etc.

Having the need to talk to him is fine, but make sure it’s with the objective of talking about your feelings. It’s NOT because you have anything wrong or abnormal with your body. You don’t. You’re normal. And he’ll know that because I trust he’s seen other female bodies before, either in the flesh or through media like pornography. In spite of what many people mistakenly believe, there is a huge range of natural body shapes, sizes and appearances in porn. I can pretty much guarantee he’s seen all sorts! Talking to him, saying “I feel insecure” as opposed to “I’m abnormal” is the way to go. It’s not like you have to tell him to brace himself because he’s going to see something freakish! And he may be able to very quickly alleviate those fears you hold, when he reassures you that you are juuuuuust fine.

Get yourself in the right head-space first, hopefully after familiarising yourself with everything posted on this site and Our Breasts and beginning to realise that you really are ok. If you still want to talk to him, then pick a time that isn’t “sexual” and when you’re calm and feeling good about yourself. Just tell him that you feel insecure about these parts of your body, and how this affects you in your relationship. It will probably be embarrassing, so be prepared for that. And let the conversation flow. Don’t be surprised though if he wants to see for himself. And it may also give him an opportunity to talk about parts of his body that he’s insecure about.

With luck though you’ll have developed the confidence in your perfectly normal body not to worry about what he’ll think, because you KNOW he will adore every little bit of you. What’s not to love? :)


Email Submission: “Hey, Emma! I’m 25, and am lucky to have rarely been insecure about my labia. When I was little I used to tuck them upwards to create that porn-star look and thought that’s what they did too, lol. When I got older and realized my labia were just large. I guess I still didn’t care. I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by my body and how it changes and colors itself over time. I get sad whenever I see posts from people (often men) complaining about large labia or claiming they stretch out because of sex and whatnot. Miseducation about the female anatomy and female pleasure is horrible. I appreciate places like this that serve as a safe haven for women with bodies that aren’t porn-star expectation. While I’m pretty comfortable with my sagging C-cups and large labia, I understand many girls in my position aren’t and I blame society. I’m proud to be contribute to taking a stand against it.”

Asker Anonymous Asks:
This site was mentioned in Cosmo Magazine, and, having had some hesitation about my appearance down below, I came to check it out. I just want to say that I am so grateful to you for displaying how beautifully diverse women are. This site gave me the courage to talk to my partner about my insecurities and get some much needed support and love. In any relationship, communication is key. Thanks for the empowerment!
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Hi Emma! First off I wanna say I love your site! I am 23 and I’m engaged to my beautiful girlfriend. Is it normal for your labia to be darker than your skin tone? I’m a nice tan color but my labia to me seems really dark and it makes me very insecure to have my fiancé down there with the lights on being able to see all that there is lol. Is there such a thing as vagina bleaching like anal bleaching?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for the labia minora to be darker than the rest of your skin. In fact that describes 78% of people with labia. And 30% have labia that are a colour other than pink, e.g. tones of brown, purple and black. So, you’re totally fine and do not need to be insecure at all. Your girlfriend will adore your labia.

There is such a thing as bleaching, but pardon me saying but anyone would have to be mentally deficient to seriously consider it!

Hi Emma, I’m 27, I love my labia. I used to have an issue with them but no longer. Even when I watch porn now I prefer it when the chicks have longer labia. They are so erotic and interesting. It’s strange that so many women have such an issue with gorgeous soft skin! Thank you!

Lots of people are starting my breasts survey but a high percentage aren’t making it all the way to the end. Is this you? I’m worried that there are technical problems with the survey preventing people from completing it. I know it’s long, but if there’s some other reason that you haven’t been able to complete it, I’d really like to know. Please leave a comment here or email me at I’d really appreciate your feedback.



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Email Submission: “Age 45, and I still have insecurities. I had a boyfriend comment on how dark I was. I was 29. I brought it to his attention how dark my skin was so naturally my labia were going to be darker. I also brought to his attention that his penis was darker than his fair skin.

I am 45 now. I have had many lovers and know that men, like women, vary in skin tones in their penises and scrotums. I just wanted to send my photos so women and men can see and hopefully know what’s normal and not make the same mistake due to lack of experience.

Thank you Emma.”

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I honestly don't know if I am large or small. I really don't like touching myself down there. It just feels weird. I'm pretty sure the reason why I don't like touching myself down there is because there are two other holes where I happen to go #1 and #2. It's just weird. When I have touched myself I don't orgasm because it gets so sensitive its feels like I'm about to black out and I can't handle the pleasure. Thoughts? Hope that wasn't much- I feel awkward. :/
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

It really doesn’t matter whether you are large or small. Size is immaterial. But I would suggest that you start to get to know what your vulva, as well as your urethral opening and your anus actually look like. I urge you to read this recent post and take the challenge of spending time just looking and examining these parts of your body. It’s a great first step in removing some of the anxiety you have about them and their normal, essential bodily functions.

It’s really hard, though, to change the way you see your body and your attitudes towards it. Lots of people have hang ups about where they pee and poo, and there’s going to be some deep-seated psychological stuff going on there, way back to your childhood, that I’d need to have a different uni degree to address. It’s best to leave that to a psychologist, and I do recommend that you talk to one, specialising in sexual disorders.

If it’s any comfort, as long as you have good hygiene practices and bathe regularly, then your anus and urethral opening are actually cleaner than your mouth.

I always advise people with problems masturbating and achieving orgasm to visit, a fantastic site run by two sex-positive women who among other things believe masturbation is the key to positive sexuality - and I agree. What they have to say may help you.

Do you think you’ll visit their site, and also take my challenge in that other post?

I have big insecurities about my vagina. I love the Large Labia Project but still after 3 years of being unsure about the appearance of my vagina do not have the confidence to enjoy myself sexually. I feel like my lips are too big and there’s something wrong with my clit! I can’t enjoy masturbation because I’m too hung up on trying to climax and I just can’t. It’s so upsetting and I feel so abnormal. But I thought posting a photo would be a good start. Does anyone have any tips on being able to climax? It’s something I’ve googled over and over and still can’t seem to do :(

Thanks for being brave and writing. let me reassure you that there’s nothing wrong with your vulva. Your lips aren’t too big - there is no such thing! You’re attractive, sexy and normal.

Arousal and orgasm is not so much a function of your clitoris - though it’s the entry point for sexual sensation. It’s actually all in your mind. The more worked up and anxious you are about trying to orgasm, and thinking there’s something wrong when you can’t, the less likely it is that you’ll come. It’s easy to say relax, I know, but it’s probably the best thing you can do.

Unfortunately there is a percentage of women who are never able to achieve orgasm (anorgasmic), which is terribly terribly sad. There are probably myriad factors at play - some physiological like the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening (the greater the distance the higher the chances of being anorgasmic), as well as psychological.

You may benefit from talking to your doctor first and then a psychologist or a sex therapist. Also visit which among other things helps women learn how to orgasm through masturbation.

I wish you the very best, and I hope you are able to get there soon.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Emma! so I'm 15 and I'm worried about the fact that I cant even see my labia. When I look at my vagina with a mirror, It looks like I dont even have any. Will that change as I get older, or do most women with large labias have them from the beginning?
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

Tiny labia, small labia, medium sized labia, and large labia are all normal. There’s a huge range of size variation, from 0 to over 15cm wide. While having no labia isn’t terribly common, you’re far from alone and there’s nothing wrong. It’s not likely that you’ll grow labia minora now, but there’s no problem with that. Enjoy your normal vulva for the amazing part of your body that it is.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm in my 40's. I lost my virginity when I was 16 and my boyfriend never said anything about my labia and the fact that they were asymmetrical. I dated several other guys after my first and then got married when I was 21. My husband was the only one whoever said anything to me about it. It was devastating and heartbreaking because he said that I must have been a mutated man. He said my labia were the beginnings of a penis and that I was deformed.
largelabiaproject largelabiaproject Said:

What an ignorant arsehole. That’s emotional abuse. Did he have a penis of his own? Surely thinking your normal labia looked something like a dick would suggest that he’s had very little experience with one. Maybe he had penis envy lol. I hope he’s now your ex. You can do much much better.